I am convinced “The Left” does not know the meaning of the word irony.

Here in Minnesota, The Left, in the form of the newspapers, DFL (our version of the Demcratic party), assorted blow-hard bloggers and Twitter geeks, radio stations, MSM, and especially political party hacks, are pushing hard to get the State of Minnesota to fund a brand new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

The irony:  The whole stadium issue represents the very epitome of the 1%

One last bit of irony.  The NFL is a non-profit corporation that takes in billions and donates millions to political causes.


3 thoughts on “”

  1. Agreed, Gungnir.

    I love football as much or more than the next guy (go, Chiefs!), but don’t see the sense in public funding for them.
    If they are the financial “boon” that no doubt you’re hearing right now, let the pay for the stadium with their own cash.

    Fewer subsudies, across the board, will return the control back to where it was SUPPOSED to be since our county’s birth: the citizens.

      1. Duly noted, Harbard!

        And thx for the clarification – you had me worried for a sec….

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